Our Gelato

Our gelato is world renowned, but why? Let’s get you in the loop:

More Milk & Less Air

Ice cream is made with cream. Gelato is made with whole milk – ours comes from Avalon Dairy! – and because of that, there’s less air fluffing up our gelato. 50% less, in fact. Without that air getting in the way, our gelato has a more intense flavour, and there’s more value for your money!

Trimming the Fat

Gelato has one-third of the fat when compared to regular ice cream. In addition, we only use organic cane sugar in our gelato. Who said sweet treats couldn’t be healthy?

Less Chill, no Freezer Burn

Gelato is served at -13° Celsius, which is warmer than regular ice cream, in an authentic Italian pozetti. This makes the texture of our gelato more smooth and dense. Keeping our gelato covered with the pozetti lids also ensures that oxygen doesn’t deteriorate the gelato. No wonder gelato lasts longer on a summer day!

Allergies? No problem!

Gelato can made in a variety of ways, even without milk! Our Sorbettos use a water base rather than milk, safe for anyone who’s lactose intolerant and/or vegan. We also have options without common allergens such as tree nuts and gluten.

100% Real, 100% Fresh!

We proudly don’t use any artificial flavours or colours in our gelato. Some of our flavours can only be made with real, fresh berries from Krause Farms. That’s why some of our flavours are restricted by season; it’s worth the wait! In additon, our gelato is made in-house with Effi machines imported from Italy – the first of its kind in Vancouver! The gelato is made in small batches – not made in bulk or stored for months – to ensure what you’re eating is as fresh as possible!